Feb.2, 2008 – Sparkassen Cup, Stuttgart, Germany

Disappointment in Stuttgart

Considered one of the best indoor meetings in World, with top level entries in all events, Stuttgart seemed like a good place to run fast. And it was for many.

Hilary, however, was not so lucky. She started the 3000m ready to attempt a new personal best in a field that appeared perfect to do so. When the gun went off she felt good and followed the second group right on 9-min pace. But at about half way things started going downhill.

“I started to fall off the pace a bit around a mile to go and I think I kind of panicked and second-guessed myself on whether I could keep the pace,” said Hilary after the race. “That was my first mistake, when you lose your confidence in a race, it’s over.”

Although very disappointed Saturday’s performance, Hilary says she is still confident she can run a good 1500m in Karlsruhe this weekend.

“Bad days or bad races are part of the sport. Training has been going really well so I’m just going to move on and get excited for my next race. Someday I’ll conquer the 3000m, but for now I’m focused on running well over 1500m."

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