Feb. 8, 2006 - Dusseldorf training session

Last night Michel picked us up at the train station in Sittard (a town 20 mins. from Maastricht where he works) and we drove to Dusseldorf, Germany to train on the indoor track. There are no indoor tracks in Holland and this is the closest one for us. It is so strange for Trent and I to think we are going to a different country for a workout! That’s what’s neat about Europe – everything is so close and borders are very easy to get across. It only took us 65 mins to get to the track.

Michel, Trent and I all had great sessions. They were doing 800m repeats and I was doing 600s with a fast 200m 45” after – so we were able to coordinate on the longer repeats. I was very pleased with my workout, especially after this weekend’s race (see Stuttgart news). I wasn’t sure how my legs would recover. However, I think sometimes when you push your body beyond its limits, it provides extra stimulus and you are able to recover in higher form. Although I don’t recommend this often, when it happened there are good things to come out of it. So, I feel my speed is good and I’m really excited to run the 1500m next weekend in Dusseldorf.

While we were at the track we met some great young runners and there coach who were eager to learn what we were doing. But they were also working very hard on there own. We assumed they were German and were pleased that they could speak English so well (this is always a barrier!). After meeting this coach and seeing how he worked with the young runners, I have great respect for his dedication to the runners and the sport. I would guess he was in his 60s or 70s and he was so enthusiastic and encouraging – it was great to see. For all I know, he was some great Olympian, but he gave time to each of the runners. He was also very congenial to us and interested in what we were doing. The young runners were also great, as they cheered us on during our workout – and we did the same for them, which they seemed to like!

So, not only a good workout session, but a nice personal experience, meeting some enthusiastic young athletes who are eager to improve. I hope to meet them again next weekend at the race.























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