Feb. 28, 2006 - Off to Melbourne

Well I'm off to Melbourne, Australia tomorrow and really looking forward to getting to the warmer weather. Although the winters here in the Netherlands aren’t nearly as cold as Canada, it’s still difficult to do specific speed training. Nevertheless, training has been going great and I am eager to see it transfer into some good races.

It’s been an interesting indoor season and I’ve learned a lot about the sport. I once thought that if I was training well, racing would come easy. However, I’ve learned that this isn’t always the case and there are many different factors to consider, such as training effects, racing tactics, travel, and new environment. It’s been different for me to go to races or be in a race where no one speaks English or no English instructions are given. Again, a learning experience!

Either way, I’m absolutely psyched to be racing at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, as it will be my first major games. But, I plan to go there with a purpose to perform at my highest ability and try not to be overwhelmed with the new experience. I think this will be a great stepping stone for future games, such as the Olympics. I will keep everyone posted on my progress – I will be competing at a preparation meet on March 9th. Then the heats of the women’s 1500m for the games will be on March 20th, with the final the following day.

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