Oct. 21, 2007 – Lausanne 1/4 Marathon, Lausanne, Switzerland

When getting back into shape after time off, there is something to be said about a good test or reality check. And there’s no better way to do this than in some type of competition. So, I decided my first "test" of the season would be in a 1/4 marathon (10km + a few extra 100m).


I figured since I had to do a workout anyway, I might as well jump in the race and get a good training effort out of it. With only two weeks training under my belt, I didn’t expect much…only that it would be hard work.

It was also a really enjoyable race to be a part of because I was not alone in my pain for that day. Trent ran the half marathon and our Canadian friend Veronique ran the marathon, while her husband Stephen did a great job as cheerleader and photographer for the day!

So, recap of the races…Veronique started off the cold, but sunny and windy day with 42.2km. She set out to run under 3:30 and she did just that running 3:28! She was quite inspiring, I can’t imagine running that far at this point…maybe someday. Anyway, she achieved her goal, setting about a 15 min. personal best in her second marathon.

Next, I stepped to the line in what they called the 1/4 marathon (I think it was about 300m more than a 10km). I basically set out to run an even-paced race and not go out too fast. It was great because there were lots of men to run with and they really helped push me. Actually, I was the 3rd female for most of the race, but had the top two in sight and focused on slowly catching them with 3km and 1km to go, respectively. I ended up running 35:30 so we figured that was equivalent to around 34:30 for 10km.

Trent finished off the day with in the half marathon. He had a bit of bad luck with the weather in that he had the wind in his face along the entire course which goes all the way along Lake Geneva on the Swiss side. However, he still ran a credible 78mins.

All in all, a good day of racing!























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