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March 21, 2024 – An inspiration: Meeting The Great One

Trent, Haile and I in Lisbon

Last weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Haile Gebrselassie at the Lisbon 1/2 marathon during a PowerBar product launch. Haile was an inspiration to talk with – his charisma can light up a room, he gives you his full attention when he talks to you and is extremely down-to-earth. Considered probably the best distance runner ever – one might expect him to be conceited, but he actually seems more comfortable giving advice rather than speaking about his own ambitions. Don’t get me wrong, he’s extemely confident in his abilities, but this confidence is exuded more in his stories or in the advice he offers.

When I asked him what keeps him motivated and how I might overcome the defeat of not always achieving the results in which I aim, when I know I’ve worked so hard, he had some great advice. With his permenantly displayed grin, he urged me to "win yourself" meaning I must have full confidence in my hard work and that I can be the best; believe no one else is better. After explaining to me that breaking 4-mins in 1500m is easy, he states that in this sport you have to be a selfish and step on the line showing you belong there – even throw a few elbows now and again – don’t let anyone push you around, he said! All things I agree with and try to practice, but I still feel quite priviledged to have had a pep talk from the greatest distance runner ever – I’m ready to go!

I had a nice week of down-time. I really feel refreshed and ready to embark on a great summer season. I know my fitness is good and I plan to build on that with a hard training stint leading into May when I start my competitive season.

For more photos of my weekend in Lisbon, see here.

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