May 1, 2023 – One week survived in Flag

Me at the Grand Canyon

I can’t believe I’ve already been here in Flagstaff for over a week. It took me about 8 days until I started feeling normal in terms of my breathing and heart rate. It’s still a challenge, but I feel much better. I actually did my first track workout last Saturday down in Sedona, which is around 5000ft (~1500m). It’s still tough training in Sedona, but since it’s a bit lower it allows me to keep my quality up in longer intervals.

Peter Desmet, Richard Mosley, Dylan Wykes, Hilary – group run

I will head down there again tomorrow for 4x800m with 8mins rest and try to run a little slower than 1500m race pace. I’m actually really excited to start getting more into 1500m training after putting in all the miles this winter!

Dylan Wykes – Grand Canyon

Other than that, I took time out of my eat-sleep-train routine to go to the Grand Canyon on Monday with fellow Canadian Dylan Wykes. It was a spectacular sight to see, I definitely recommend it to anyone coming out here. And to add to our eventful trip, we got a flat tire on the way back – which was a bit scary considering we were in the middle of the desert with nothing in sight.

Dylan changing our flat.

Luckily we had a spare that Dylan and I (well mostly Dylan) were able to change. It was amazing to us that about a dozen cars sped past us without stopping, and eventually the only person to stop was another foreigner from Germany! Nice guy, but by then we were good to go!


















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