Welcome to my personal journal. With my journalism and communications background, it is important to me that I continue my writing. As well, it can be very therapeutic at times. I don’t plan to have any specific pattern for these journals except to write when I feel like writing. I hope you will enjoy reading my entries as much as I enjoying writing them. I have separated them into the following sections:

Running (Training camps included)

These are journal entries related to racing and training.

Travel and Life Experiences

These are personal reflections outside of racing and training, but still might be related loosely to running or sport.


Background info/ description of people:

Dave Scott-Thomas – My personal coach, but lives and coaching at The University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario Canada as the head men’s and women’s track/cross country coach. And, is also a coach of the Canadian National Team. Most of our correspondence is done by phone and e-mail, but I do spend a few months a year in Guelph to train with Dave and the rest of the Speed River Track Club.

Michele Van de Wall – A close friend and former training partner of both Trent and I when we were living in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Trent Stellingwerff – Husband, training partner, training advisor. Trent’s main job is as an exercise physiologist and research coordinator for PowerBar, which is owned by Nestle so he works at the Nestle Research Centre. He also consults for Athletics Canada as a physiologist.

Note: Any others I will either add or introduce in the individual journal entry, when it becomes necessary and relevant.








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